Angel Tales Episode 5 English Dubbed


Episode Title:
Please Remember, Master!.
Episode Description:
The Guardian Angels awaken back in the spirit world. They find themselves in the presence of the Goddess. Who tells them that they have failed in their duties as Guardian Angels because they couldn't work together. They realize their error and beg the Goddess to send them back. The Goddess tells them that she can't. But tells them there is another way. There are 4 Guardian Angels who have yet to awaken because Gorō doesn't remember them. The 8 Guardian Angel's pray and Gorō begins to recall the other 4. Yuki the snake, Midori the raccoon, Momo the squirrel monkey, and Lulu the frog. The 12 of them leave with the Goddess' blessing. Gorō finds his phone restored and the 12 appear before him. They are all reunited again.

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