Amphibia Season 3 Episode 4 – Fight at the Museum / Temple Frogs


Episode Title:
Fight at the Museum / Temple Frogs.
Episode Description:
Fight at the Museum: Obsessed with studying multiverses, Anne and the Plantars head to the museum and find an ancient jar of Amphibian origin. They meet the curator Dr. Jan who offers to talk about it, but a sleep-deprived Anne, in a paranoid delusion, turns her down. They resolve to steal the jar at night and end up running into the Cloak-Bot where a fight breaks out...
Temple Frogs: Anne gets a message from Dr. Jan, but is told by her parents that they will go to the Thai Temple and ask her to stay for at least an hour. As the Plantars enjoy their stay there. Anne gets caught trying to leave and Mrs. Boonchuy reveals that she was returning dishes to the neighbors who were comforting her during her disappearance...

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