Amphibia Season 2 Episode 8 - Lost in Newtopia / Sprig Gets Schooled


Episode Title:
Lost in Newtopia / Sprig Gets Schooled.
Episode Description:
Lost in Newtopia: Anne and Polly break away from a tour group so that they can experience the inner streets of Newtopia for themselves by pretending to be sick while Hop Pop keeps Sprig handcuffed to him so that he, ironically, does not cause any trouble. Anne and Polly traverse the streets only to cause trouble wherever they go. Eventually, a mob chases them back to the tour bus and they use a spicy burrito to deter the crowd and continue on their way to the cheese museum...
Sprig Gets Schooled: The family come across Newtopia University. They walk on campus where Sprig shows off his knowledge of a certain subject to a professor. Impressed, he is offered a spot at NU which he reluctantly accepts at the urging of Hop Pop. Sprig quickly becomes overwhelmed by the studies, Hop Pop begins to miss Sprig while Anne and Polly try to sneak in so that they can join a crazy college party...

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