Amphibia Season 2 Episode 5 - Swamp and Sensibility / Wax Museum


Episode Title:
Swamp and Sensibility / Wax Museum.
Episode Description:
Swamp and Sensibility: The family makes a stop in Ribbitvale, a highly affluent, upper-class town. They discover that One-Eyed Wally is there and is the son of Wigbert Ribbiton, one of the richest frogs in Amphibia. Wally does not want his father to find out about his double life in Wartwood, but Anne makes it known, angering his father. Wally challenges him to a game of beast polo for his freedom and wins...
Wax Museum: The family stop by Stony Gulch where the residents marvel at Anne's appearance. This leads them to the wax museum run by the Curator. When Anne spots a CD player, the Curator promises to give it to her if she does a show for one night. However, he instead reveals his sinister plan to coat her in wax and be a permanent exhibit...

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