Amphibia Season 2 Episode 3 - Truck Stop Polly / A Caravan Named Desire


Episode Title:
Truck Stop Polly / A Caravan Named Desire.
Episode Description:
Truck Stop Polly: Polly begins acting out and becoming a nuisance to the family. They decide to stop by a rest stop, during which Polly switches places with a pink stone in the hopes of freaking them out. Instead, they drive off, leaving Polly to sulk with the other truckers including Soggy Joe. She learns that the pink rock is an egg belonging to a roc and she and Joe race after the fwagon just as the family notice something is off...
A Caravan Named Desire: Anne and the Plantars meet an acting troupe lead by famed actress and playwright Renee Frodgers. Wanting to fulfill his dream of being an actor, Hop Pop chooses to have his family journey with them for a while. However, Hop Pop learns that the acting troupe rob banks while they perform as Renee tells him that nobody cares about the dramatic arts and this is their only way to stay afloat...

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