Amphibia Episode 9 - Lily Pad Thai / Plantar’s Last Stand


Episode Title:
Lily Pad Thai / Plantar’s Last Stand.
Episode Description:
Lily Pad Thai: While at Stumpy's Diner, Anne overhears obnoxious food critic Albus Duckweed complain about the food. Having worked in a restaurant all her life, Anne decides to help an unenthusiastic Stumpy change the overall look and menu his diner. Going with a Thai theme, the makeover is a huge success, but Duckweed is still unimpressed and wants something special...
Plantar’s Last Stand: The Plantars learn that Toadstool is raising the rent and thus will be unable to keep their stand. Anne comes up with the Plantar's Potion, a regular fruit drink that regales increased nutrients. After some reluctance, Hop Pop takes to the marketing tactic and they are able to earn more money to save the stand. However, Hop Pop begins using compost to make more and it ends up attracting giant flies. After getting rid of them, Hop Pop comes clean and offers refunds...

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