Amphibia Episode 4 The Domino Effect / Taking Charge


Episode Title:
The Domino Effect / Taking Charge.
Episode Description:
The Domino Effect: Ann and Sprig rescue a small cat-like caterpillar who resembles Anne's pet cat back at home, Domino. Naming the creature Domino II, Anne sneaks him into the house as Hop Pop has a firm stance against having pets. Domino II ends up being a hassle to own, but Anne continues to keep him. Eventually, Domino II makes a cocoon and Hop Pop finds out, telling them that it is a Coastal Killapillar...
Taking Charge: Anne shows the Plantars her favorite show Suspicion Island, which Sprig and Polly like but Hop Pop does not. Anne later finds that someone used her phone's battery to watch the other episodes. Hop Pop tells them about Zapapedes, centipedes with electricity, and one has enough power to charge Anne's phone. While on the trip, the family gets suspicious of each other...

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