Amphibia Episode 2 - Cane Crazy / Flood, Sweat and Tears


Episode Title:
Cane Crazy / Flood, Sweat and Tears.
Episode Description:
Cane Crazy: Anne accidentally breaks Hop Pop's favorite cane. Worried that she will get kicked out, she, Sprig and Polly visit the town wood-smith Leopold Loggle so he can fix it. He tells them that he cannot, but directs them to the Doom Tree which is the cane's source. The tree ends up being a giant stick bug and they fight it before scaring it away with termites while also messing up Loggle's store...
Flood, Sweat and Tears: As Anne and Sprig's friendship continues to grow, Anne's bedroom in the basement gets flooded by a leak caused by burrow bugs. Hop Pop tries to fix it and in the meantime Anne bunks with Sprig in his room. While happy at first, hey soon discover that they cannot stand each other as roommates and try to fix the leak. The encounter giant lampreys and defeat them while also draining the basement...

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