Amphibia Episode 16 - Family Fishing Trip / Bizarre Bazaar


Episode Title:
Family Fishing Trip / Bizarre Bazaar.
Episode Description:
Family Fishing Trip: Sprig looks forward to the family fishing trip and spending time with Hop Pop. However, Hop Pop's girlfriend Sylvia comes along, and Sprig gets jealous of her and tries to get rid of her while Anne tries to hang glide. Just as Sprig gets rid of Sylvia, Hop Pop tells him that Sylvia told him to spend time with him. Sylvia just so happens to be in harms way of a giant crab and Sprig rescues her using Anne's hang glider, much to her annoyance...
Bizarre Bazaar: Anne learns of the Bizarre Bazaar, a nightly market that disappears annually. Anne and Sprig decide to take the music box there for answers despite Hop Pop forbidding them to. Just as it seems that they are about to get answers, Anne's backpack gets stolen and she and Sprig have to compete in a race against the Wrecker. They end up losing horribly and the Bazaar disappears...

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