Amphibia Episode 10 - Toad Tax / Prison Break


Episode Title:
Toad Tax / Prison Break.
Episode Description:
Toad Tax: Anne is disappointed that nobody in Wartwood respects her. When she meets the foot soldiers of Toad Tower, Anne impresses them with her skills and they make her deputy after telling her that they have come to collect the tax. Sprig becomes jealous, but discovers that Toadstool has been squirreling away the tax for himself. Anne begins to regret working with the toads due to their brute force and turns on them...
Prison Break: At Toad Tower, Sasha is a prisoner to the Toads. However, she uses her charm to get everyone to like her, much to the chagrin of Captain Grime their leader. When Percy, a dimwitted soldier, leads a group of herons to attack the tower, Sasha uses the opportunity to not just escape, but also helps the Toads. She convinces Grime that in order to get people to like him, he needs to say nice things to them...

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