All Dogs Go to Heaven


Episode Title:
All Dogs Go to Heaven.
Episode Description:
In 1939 New Orleans, a roguish German Shepherd named Charlie B. Barkin escapes from a dog pound with the help of his friend, a dachshund named Itchy Itchiford. They return to the casino riverboat on the bayou, formerly run by Charlie and his bulldog partner, Carface Caruthers. Not wanting to share the profits with Charlie, Carface persuades him to leave town with 50% of the venture, all the while intending to take him out for a drink later and murder him. Charlie goes to Heaven where a whippet angel named Annabelle (named in the sequel) tells him that a gold watch representing his life has stopped. He steals and winds it, sending him back to life, but is told that if he dies again, he will never return. Charlie reunites with Itchy and they discover that Carface is holding an orphan girl named Anne-Marie (presumably kidnapped from the orphanage), who has the ability to talk to animals and gain information on animal betting sports beforehand, allowing Carface to rig the odds on the rat races and become rich. Charlie and Itchy rescue her, intending to use her abilities to get revenge on Carface, though Charlie tells her that they plan to give their winnings to the poor and help her find parents...

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