10000 Years Later English Subbed


Episode Title:
10000 Years Later.
Episode Description:
This story takes place in the far future after a cataclysmic event that forces a majority of humanity to revert to medieval-style civilization and living. A man named Wugreb, leader of a Tibetan tribe called the Wu Tribe, led an expedition to the Western Regions of China to rediscover an ancient city called Tech City, which their ancestors created at the acme of their civilization. Wugreb, however, became drunk with the new-found power he recovered from Tech City, and utilizing the technology of Tech City, created vast armies of monsters and demons with which to conquer the world, starting with the Western Regions itself. His plans for global domination were thwarted, however, by the tutelary goddess of Tibet, Kelsang, and he's been imprisoned within the tomb of Kuger, where he originally found Tech City, for millennia since. The effects of Wugreb's onslaught were felt throughout the whole world, and many new, strange creatures and even subspecies of human came about as results of Tech City's return to the world. Now the seal laid down by Kelsang upon Wugreb wanes in power, and it's up to a young storytelling girl and her warrior comrades of countless tribes, kingdoms, and nations from across the surface of the Earth to rise up and stand against the invasion of Wugreb and the return of the corruptible Tech City once more.

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